Monday, October 14

Why Color?

In recent years coloring has emerged as an adult activity to relax and lower stress. Most of us remember our childhood and coloring in our coloring books - first with those huge crayons and if we were lucky, eventually a huge box of Crayolas with that built-in sharpener in the back. Remember how fun that was? Today, there are numerous companies producing coloring books for adults. In addition, we are not limited to crayons anymore; today we have gel pens, markers, Sharpies, and colored pencils as choices.

Coloring can provide more than relaxation and stress reduction. When we participate in this activity in a group setting, it provides us with another activity that seems to be in short supply today in this electronic world in which we live - conversation. Live socializing with real people. While engaging your hands, you're free to talk with your neighbor across the table. Talk about your children (or grandchildren), reminisce, share the ups and downs of caring for a parent or spouse. The possibilities are endless.

CMRLS libraries have numerous coloring programs planned, and we would like to invite you to find a location near you and participate in one of these enjoyable events. Click on the link and enter "color" or "coloring" into the search field to see our upcoming programs.

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