Monday, September 16

Far Out Programs at the Pearl Public Library!

Taking it celestial September's How-To Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 6 p.m. is Painting Planets!

All you do is take acrylic painting paper, paint, Mason jar lids and, of course, a little imagination and there you have it! Galaxy art! 

If you are all about creativity and enjoying a relaxing time, this program is definitely for you!

The How-To Tuesday program, which is the third Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m., is free and all materials are supplied.  

But that's not all that's going on this week at the Pearl Library.

So, let's talk about really taking it out there OK!  

How about a dark, romantic comedy involving a 20-year-old boy and a 79-year-old woman. 

That would be Harold and Maude, the Pearl Library's September Third Thursday Flicks offering.

Harold and Maude directed by Hal Ashby was released in 1971.
A young boy named Harold Chasen (Bud Cort) is intrigued with death. He meets Maude, played by Ruth Gordon, at a funeral and develops a strong friendship with her.  Ruth teaches Harold the value of  living life to the fullest.
Far out, funny movie, on a big screen! What could possibly be better! And, it's free!  That's Thurs. Sept. 19 at 5:45. Refreshments will be served.
We'll see you there!

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