Wednesday, September 4

Stormin' Area 51

For those of you who are seriously planning to participate in the Stormin' Area 51 exercise on September 20, 2019, the Flowood Library has put together a special collection of Area 51 literature that can be used as reference material to become more familiar with the area.

Let's face it. You wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of the Nevada desert without it. Just remember that these books can only be checked out for three weeks. If you bring them back dirty and full of sand, then you may be charged for the damages.

We may consider waiving the fines should any of our patrons be caught or arrested by the local authorities while trespassing on federal land, but ultimately you are still responsible for  returning library property in pristine condition. You can place all the books in a package or envelope and drop them off at the local post office prior to your excursion across the Nevada desert. Not sure if GPS works in Area 51, so we recommend checking out a book on survival, getting a road map, and drinking plenty of water.

For the record infiltration of an above top secret military base may not be a bright idea, but neither were some of the things I used to do in college.

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